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FVG BIKE TRAIL (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Event‘) is the first non-competitive cycling event organised in Friuli Venezia Giulia combining cycling tourism, culture, history, food and wine, and the region’s territory, along secondary and forest roads.

The Event is organised by It Takes Two S.r.l. (hereafter, the ‘Organiser‘), Tax Code and VAT no, 03134250301, a benefit company based in Udine, in via Marco Volpe no. 43. The 2024 edition will be the first ever edition of the Event and will begin on 19 September 2024.

The Event is organised for tourism and promotional purposes and does not constitute, nor can it be construed as, a competitive, non-competitive, professional or amateur sporting event. As such, the Event is outside the scope of the activities governed by the Italian National Olympic Committee and/or by a Federation, Associated Sporting Discipline or Sports Promotion Body affiliated to said Committee, nor does fall within the scope of the activities of other recognised sports institutions. Participants will be free to pursue their own personal sporting goals when taking part, but the aim of the Event is not result-related prizes or the pursuit of performance. The Event will not have a single winner, as all participants and the local territory will be winners. The aim of the Event is to allow participants to discover and enjoy the territory of Friuli Venezia Giulia, its features, beauty and history by taking on the route at their own pace. The choice of vehicle for the Event – i.e. any type of bicycle – is conscious and intentional. The times in which we live call for responsible and sustainable choices. Bicycles are the sustainable means of transport par excellence and are synonymous with positive habits and attitudes regarding personal health.

The Event will be governed by the following rules and regulations (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Rules and Regulations‘), which are published online at These will be deemed to have been accepted by individual participants at the time of their registration for the Event.

Acceptance of the Rules and Regulations will be confirmed in writing or by other means immediately prior to the start of the Event.

Art. 1 – Registration and compulsory medical certificate

All persons who have reached the age of 18 at the time of registration can take part in the Event, irrespective of their gender, nationality, orientation or profession of faith. 

The registration fee is stated on the Event website and shall be deemed to have been definitively accepted at the time of registration. As such, the registration fee is non-refundable if a person subsequently chooses or is unable to take part. The registration fee will also include any insurance cover provided by the Organiser through an insurance company. Given the nature of the Event, this insurance coverage will not be governed under the terms of Prime Ministerial Decree of 3 November 2010.

Without prejudice to the stated tourism and promotional characteristics and purposes of the Event, all participants must be in possession of a valid medical certificate of fitness issued by a competent physician for competitive cycling for the entire duration of the Event (certificates for other types of sports, such as, by way of example but not of limitation, triathlon, duathlon, athletics, etc. will not be accepted) in accordance with the applicable regulations. Presentation of a membership card to a Federation or Sports Promotion Body or Associated Sporting Discipline shall not be deemed sufficient for the purposes of possession of such a certificate. Any foreign participants must be in possession of an equivalent certification: certificate of fitness to participate in competitive cycling races, which may also be issued by a doctor in their country of residence. 

A map of the route in a .gpx format will be sent to each registered participant, but no physical GPS tracking system will be provided for precise position tracking. 

Art. 2 – Start and Route

The start of the 2024 edition of the Event is set for Thursday, 19 September 2024 at 8:30am, with the closing of the starting session set for 12:30pm on Saturday, 21 September 2024. The Organiser reserves the right to stagger the departures of participants based on their actual number and simultaneous presence at the starting point, as well as to change the route if the circumstances so require.

The Event shall take place on a single route and individual participants will be free to decide whether to complete it in its entirety or cover only a part of it. 

The route will take place on various types of terrain, including trails, unpaved roads and asphalt roads.

The Organiser will provide participants with suitable information about the characteristics and terrain along the route. At the discretion of the Organiser, in the spirit of good faith and with the aim of ensuring the success of the Event, the route may also be subject to change during the course of the Event itself. 

Art. 3 – Nature of the Event. Rules of conduct for participants

The Event is an opportunity to get to know an area and cannot be considered a competition, nor is it designed as such. It is a journey along trails, unpaved roads and asphalt roads.

The route will be open to traffic and therefore all participants must respect the Highway Code and rules of good cycling conduct. 

Each registered participant expressly declares that:

  • he/she understands that the route is not signposted, marked or fenced and that he/she therefore embarks on it at his/her own risk as a free personal excursion;
  • he/she is aware there is no health, food and mechanical assistance provided by the Organiser;
  • he/she knows no service is in place for waiting for or recovering participants, even in the event of technical issues with bicycles, nor is there any obligation on the part of the Organiser to search for participants.

During the course of the Event participants may contact the Organiser using the telephone numbers and/or e-mail addresses provided at the time of registration or departure. However, with the exception of that which is laid down by the law, the Organiser shall not accept any liability accordingly, since the Event is not a tourist competition and participants rely on the Organiser solely for organisational aspects linked to the creation of the same, the choice of the route and the registration process. The Event is ultimately the simple, noble, spontaneous and independent participation of cycling tourists and enthusiasts on a free and personal excursion. Once started, each participant shall be responsible for himself/herself. 

Participants choose to register for non-competitive purposes, making this a discretionary choice for tourism purposes, without any financial or result-related benefits. Participants also undertake to respect and keep clean the places they pass through and not to dispose of any waste along the route, except in appropriate refuse collection containers. The route must be followed in its entirety, without taking short cuts. We recommend that participants bring a personal repair and puncture kit, as well as the following minimum safety equipment: approved helmet that must be worn at all times, reflective clothing for any riding at night, front and rear lights, emergency systems and a telephone they can be contacted on. Without prejudice to the discretion of individual participants and the absence of liability on the part of the Organiser, it is advisable for participants to be physically fit and prepared for prolonged exertion.

In the event of any breach of the aforementioned obligations and commitments by the participant, the Organiser shall be indemnified and held harmless from any liability related to such breach, including any consequences for the participant or third parties, such as accidents, injuries, theft, etc.  

Art. 4 – Weather Conditions. Force majeure events

It is up to each participant to decide to participate in the Event with respect to weather conditions at the time of the Event. Notwithstanding the above, participants expressly accept that – in the case of adverse weather conditions or other events of force majeure – the Organiser may, at its sole discretion, cancel, suspend or interrupt the Event.

Art. 5 – Cancellation or change of date of the Event

Except for cases of wilful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of the Organiser, should the Event not take place for any reason, in view of the costs already incurred by the Organiser and the recreational nature of the Event, the registration fee is non-refundable. In such cases, participants shall have the right, following payment of a administrative fee of €15.00, to use the registration fee he/she paid for the 2024 edition of the Event for the following edition of the Event; to this end, the registration request for the following edition and the payment of the administrative fee must be made by the date stated by the Organiser after the cancellation of the Event.

Art. 6 – Participant’s declarations

By registering for the Event, each participant expressly declares that he/she has read and understood these Rules and Regulations and that he/she approves these in their entirety and expressly approves every individual clause. 

He/she also expressly accepts and declares: 

  • to have understood the tourism and promotional nature of the Event, with no rankings, and has understood that the Event requires adequate physical preparation and stamina;
  • to have understood the degree of physical fitness and stamina required and to be physically prepared to face many hours on a bike in complete self-sufficiency;
  • that he/she is in excellent health and that the medical certificate provided is valid in accordance with the law;
  • that there have been no changes in his/her state of health since the date of issue of the aforementioned medical certificate, nor are there any circumstances that could lead to such changes;
  • not to use substances considered illegal under the applicable doping legislation, or drugs or medicinal substances that may alter performance or lead to situations of harm or danger to oneself or others;
  • to have all the necessary equipment to take part in adventures such as this Event and that he/she will travel the planned route independently;
  • to be aware, since part of the course is off-road, that some stretches may be rough and require good riding technique; where necessary he/she will overcome a difficult stretch by getting off the bike and proceeding on foot;
  • to be experienced and aware that the route is not marked, not monitored and that there are no safety posts and/or rescue personnel along the route; 
  • to be aware of the possibility of encountering adverse weather conditions and that he/she is able to find his/her bearings and ride in such conditions, and is aware that unforeseen events such as landslides, heat, wind, rain, hail, lightning, cold, riding at night or in darkness, fog, snow, ice, landslides, encounters with unattended and/or wild animals, falls, accidental collisions with other participants or with people passing by and/or with vehicles on the carriageable sections of the road may occur along the route; accordingly, he/she declares to be adequately prepared to deal with such situations.

Each participant is responsible for his/her behaviour during the Event and undertakes to indemnify and hold the Organiser harmless for any damage, prejudice, claim he/she may suffer as a result of his/her participation in the Event.

Each participant expressly agrees, by accepting the Rules and Regulations and registering for the Event, that video or photographic footage he/she may take during the Event and/or along the route shall only feature himself/herself. Each participant gives his/her full and informed consent to the fact that the Organiser may, for its own business, communication and marketing purposes, use his/her personal data, consisting of his/her image taken by video or photograph, and allow these to be used by third party partners of the Event.

ART. 7 – Replacements or cancellation of participation

Within 30 days of the date of the event, the replacement of a participant may only be requested if the registration fee has been paid in full. The new participant replacing the previous one must contact the Organiser by e-mail at and upload the required documents (competitive medical certificate). An administrative fee of €15.00 shall be payable for this purpose.

Should a participant be unable to attend the Event, the participation fee remains non-refundable in view of the costs already incurred by the Organiser.


The Organisation reserves the right to make changes to the Regulations at any time. The official Event website, where these regulations are published, is the only official source of information for the Event.