the jersey

More than a jersey
a piece of art.

Embrace the genuine charm of Friuli Venezia Giulia – a place unafraid to reveal its true essence.
It’s a vibrant mix of contrasts and harmonies, where the different nuances of the land blend and colors combin, creating new tones.

Master Gianni Borta , Friuli's esteemed painter and standout in Italian naturalistic art, captures the soul of the FVG Bike Trail.

His artistic flair transforms the Supergiara Jersey by Sportful into a treasure, into a limited-edition masterpiece.

Art and cycling merge in an iconic jersey, designed to be your companion ride after ride, on this great new adventure.

The bicycle makes us live better: silent, human, kind. It travels the roads of our region. A true “compendium of the universe” within nature with the scent of all colours.

From the windy blue of the sea to the rugged bushes of the Karst, to the yellow of the beaches to reach the soft greens of the plains amidst waters, grasses, vine shoots and the mossy, phthalic greens of the hillside forests to reach the beauty of the snow-capped mountains in white.

Yes, the white that is made up of all colours.

Gianni Borta