about us

Passionate about outdoor experiences, we are driven by our love for cycling and our ambition to make a difference.

Our principles are rooted in respect for the environment, promoting a sustainable lifestyle, and sharing the philosophy of bikepacking.

This belief has led us to come together as a Benefit corporation and to create the FVG Bike Trail, an event that transforms the act of cycling into an fulfilling experience.

A journey that sees the bike as a symbol of freedom, a tool for exchange and discovery, a key to opening the doors to a more authentic and conscious world.

This mission takes shape thanks to the cooperation with our partners:



marketing & communication partner

Making a difference, together.
Because it takes two to achieve the best things.

We are passionate about what we do every day.

And we work to create distinctive experiences that move and enrich people’s lives, valuing and respecting the environment we are in.

Some flavours are unmistakable, iconic, and their history is written in the territory where they are born. Prosciutto di San Daniele is the child of a tradition of excellence recognised throughout the world. Its flavour is a unique journey through centuries of craftsmanship and love for quality, recounting the richness and passion of our land.

We make our obsession with assistance and meticulous attention to detail our strength. We stand by cyclists and enthusiasts, guaranteeing top-notch support and outstanding performance. Every detail matters, whether you’re on a bike or at an event, because it’s the little things that help achieve big goals.

With its roots firmly planted in Friuli Venezia Giulia, BCC CREDIFRIULI enthusiastically supports local initiatives, demonstrating its commitment to promoting ethical and economic values.

Through its relentless support of projects that celebrate culture and cement the community spirit of the region, the bank expresses a tangible dedication to the region’s responsible and sustainable development.

Among enthusiasts, we recognize each other, and passion leads to more passion. We share the will to create an increasingly popular culture of cycling, seen as a travel companion for discovering the world in an authentic, aware, and original way. And above all, respectfully.

Everyone has their own goal: ours is to improve every cyclist’s experience through the use of the latest materials and technologies, creating the perfect mix of comfort, performance, and looks.

We always look for the utmost care and attention to detail to create a unique product, both in terms of performance and look. 

Casa Editrice Tabacco Srl, the leading Italian company in topographic map production, has been creating maps since the post-war period. The brand is internationally recognized as a symbol of precision and reliability for mountaineers, trekkers, hikers, MTB enthusiasts, and anyone looking to enjoy a simple walk in nature.